8 Week Challenge

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Welcome to my very own 8 week challenge! This program has everything you need to create your dream body in just 8 weeks. It's short, sharp, effective and offers the tools and knowledge to help you prosper to peak fitness. Updated weekly, the bodyweight workouts and simple recipes are developed to implement a consistent routine and long, lasting change.
8 Week Challenge
8 Week Challenge
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Why Join The Challenge?

Exercise Anywhere At Anytime

Our 8 Week Challenge is designed to set people up for success. We’ve helped thousands of people change their lives and reach their goals through bodyweight exercise and healthy, well-balanced nutrition and now we've transformed it into just 8 weeks. With our easy to follow instructional videos and delicious recipes, we believe we've cracked the code and have everything you need to achieve accelerated results. Can't wait to see you on the other side!

Our 8 Week Challenge Includes:

  • 24hour / 7day a week access for 8 weeks to our bodyweight exercise programs and videos with no gym equipment updated weekly, tailor-made to help you reach your health and fitness goals
  • Recovery sessions and stretching to keep you relaxed and calm throughout your 8 week challenge
  • 35 new recipes updated weekly including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options, downloadable for you to keep once the challenge is complete
  • Members area where you can track your progress including goal setting and before and after photos
  • Access to our private Facebook group for tips, hacks, extra workouts and recipes, also available once the challenge is complete
  • 24-hour ongoing support via email, chat and social media platforms and continuous support once the challenge is complete to help keep you motivated
  • A new system to help build consistent, sustainable habits all from the comfort of your own home, with no gym equipment or crash diets necessary
  • A community of like minded people who are all on the same journey