Let me help you prosper to peak fitness!

In 2011, I began my fitness journey graduating from the Australian Institute of Fitness. Through a strong passion for having a positive influence in people’s lives and dedication to my own personal health and wellbeing, I decided to team up with a friend running bootcamps in local parks hoping to mentor clients and support them by educating and empowering.

Whilst doing so, I began working at one of the biggest international health clubs as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. The demand was high so I decided to focus on one on one personal training to better my influence and offer as much as possible to each individual client. How time flies!

In 2014, I began to focus on outdoor personal training sessions and group classes to continue to help members prosper to peak fitness. After noticing an even higher demand, I began to think of ways where I could reach out to more people and offer more than just training.

I noticed that there was something missing and people wanted and needed a one stop shop that was easily accessible and user friendly. One thing was evident, an increasing amount of people struggling to get to the gym or an allocated session due to other commitments like work, kids, and lack of time. Excuses Excuses! I then decided to come up with a new concept.

In 2017, Fit & Co. was established, combining years of experience to bring you one of the most sophisticated online platforms helping people across the globe improve their health, fitness and wellness all in the comfort of their own home with no gym equipment needed.
Wooooo Hoooooo We Made It!

Our Family

*Need extra help? We'd love to assist you further if you'd like to keep limber through massage, help ease those niggling aches and pains with physiotherapy, or even have prepared nutritious meals delivered to your door. Get in contact with one of our friendly family partners, who are all based in Sydney Australia.

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