So how do the exercise programs work?

After choosing which subscription you’d like, you then gain access to our programs with your own login and password. It’s so important you work towards a goal, so we give you the opportunity to include a clear vision, and to load some before, progress and after pictures, to help keep you accountable and focused along the way. No cheating!

Every Monday, a new series of instructional exercise videos are refreshed for the week giving you the choice of what program you’d like to do each day. Whether it be lower body, core training or circuit, our workouts are tailor made to 30 minutes and show you step by step on how to perform each exercise. You can progress through at your own pace and raise the intensity as you get fitter and stronger.

What are the nutritional and recipe options?

Every Monday your nutritional guidelines are refreshed for the week ahead. Just click on what you’re having, whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack and your delicious menu recipe options will pop up, giving you the opportunity to select a preferred choice of cuisine. Yum! 

We understand that cooking can get a little complicated sometimes, so our recipes are designed to be simple and easy to create. You can also print them off  so they’re easily accessible when you’re shopping for ingredients.

How much does it cost and am I locked into a contract?

For $19.90 a month you get full access to our daily workouts, videos and recipes. If you choose to sign up to our yearly package at $199.00 you can save $39.00. You also have the option of trialling for 7 days free. Wow! You are not locked into a contract and can cancel at any time. You can also resubscribe with the click of a button if you feel like you want to pick things back up again later down the track. 

What is our difference?

Wellness is something we take for granted. With day-to-day stresses and on-going health problems that are becoming more common, it is now evident that it’s not only about exercise but also about approaching your health and wellbeing holistically.

Fit & Co. is a lifestyle. Our goal is to ensure we not only specialise in training and nutrition, but in building a positive network to help influence our members through effective movement, positive habits and a strong mindset.

Our difference is our programming! We offer structured, easy to follow bodyweight programs with no equipment involved (And we mean no equipment), physiotherapy, massage, nutritional programs, life coaching and much more. Our holistic approach offers cutting edge support to help you prosper to peak fitness.

We’re not just a brand; we’re a team dedicated to helping you on your fitness journey, implementing long lasting change. That’s our difference. Soo exciting!

Who fits the mould?

Catering to thousands of people across the globe, our ideal candidate is one who is ready for a lifestyle change and wants to move efficiently and effectively with bodyweight exercise. Aiming to help people commit to a new lifestyle and shake bad habits, our main objectives are weight loss, burning body fat & building muscle tone…anytime, anywhere. What a Feeling!

The first step is typically finding motivation to take the initial plunge. The next step is feeling good. The final step is to build a consistent routine to develop lasting change. Our clients usually include males and females who are out of shape, aged between 18 and 50 years old, and want to achieve longevity as they move into the later years of life. Our programs also cater to people who have exercised for years but want to fine tune their fitness to reach their optimal goals.

Remember we offer a lifestyle; unrealistic expectations will just set you up for failure. We understand that everyone has a different level of fitness, so we ensure that the basics are covered and a good base is established to help set you up for success.

What are the benefits of body weight training?

Bodyweight training has a number of benefits when executed correctly. As one of the most efficient and convenient ways to train, it can help drop body fat, improve and build muscle tone, increase fitness, endurance and strength all while burning a significant amount of calories. Our workouts are designed to be short, sharp and effective with the use of your own body’s resistance. They can be carried out at any location with no gym equipment and less distractions. You mean I don’t have to hit the gym?

With fast transitional times from one exercise to the next and little rest, our programming allows your heart rate to stay at an elevated level, which is an important factor when it comes to burning calories. But don’t fear! Our programs allow you to work at any pace, at any fitness level.

Bodyweight exercise focuses on natural movements and helps to mimic every day activity. It allows your body to move freely, helping to increase your muscles range of movement. This creates a more functional approach to exercise. Our programs combine both cardio and strength working at intervals, which encourage greater results at an accelerated rate.